Second-hand buyers deserve first-rate dealers

Last month an inquest into a boating accident off the coast of Tasmania three years ago, which claimed the lives of four young men, explored the possibility that the oversized engine caused the boat to flip or barrel roll. The boat was sold privately, to a group of young men with little boating experience. Could better regulations have saved their lives? Possibly.

Every day millions of people around the world surf the Internet for second-hand goods. In Australia, it’s usually through eBay or Gumtree. Sellers are generally unlicensed and unaccredited. However in most cases, should goods be damaged, refunds are available due to buyer protection policies built into the platforms.

In Australia we also have the Australian Consumer Law. It creates a basic set of guarantees for consumers who acquire goods and services from Australian suppliers, importers or manufacturers. The law ensures consumers receive the goods or services they paid for and where they encounter a problem, it entitles them to a remedy via repair, replacement, refund or having the service performed again.

Some years ago NSW Fair Trading decided to give greater protection to buyers of second-hand boats when they required marine brokers to obtain a second-hand dealer licence.

The extra red tape created challenges for marine brokers—most of whom had been conducting their business professionally for many years—and there have been calls from within the industry to make improvements to the scheme and provide a greater level of support to help businesses meet their regulatory obligations. But that’s another story.

The licensing requirement was also meant to help rid the industry of cowboys. You often find them in and around marinas, which presents a challenge for managers as well as some friction with resident marine brokers. Unlicensed and unaccredited, they provide no guarantees to sellers or buyers and often ignore the rules that most people obey.

There is a massive amount of paperwork that licensed brokers have to supply to NSW Fair Trading in order to be able to list and sell a vessel. There is the sales agreement, statutory declaration, registration papers, plus the inventory, seller information and all the background checks. The marine survey is another important piece of paperwork, and a requirement for obtaining boat insurance.

Brokers generally won’t list boats that aren’t going to pass the test; they need to be sea worthy and sellable. It’s all about due diligence, so no one gets stuck with a lemon.

There have been boats sold off marinas that really should have been listed by marine brokers, to have the job done properly and avoid potential pitfalls. There should be an even playing field, where all boat sellers are credible and licensed, and delivering the same level of service.

The only way for consumers to know that an unlicensed seller is unscrupulous, is when something goes wrong. We really shouldn’t wait for that.

Read Daimon’s article in full in Marine Business online.


Batemans Bay Marina

We’re pleased to announce work on dredging the Clyde River Channel bar has commenced. The money ($450,000) has been allocated, the hydrographic surveys were done in February, the tender process has been completed, and the Review of Environmental Factors is currently being conducted. At this stage we hope the bar will be dredged around August this year. The announcement of $450,000 to dredge the bar was made after pressure from the marina and our local boating community. We’ll keep you updated when we know more.

This year we are again proud sponsors of Sculpture for Clyde, which has fast become a world-class event for artists and lovers of art. The outdoor sculptures entered for the competition will be exhibited at Willinga Park, while indoor sculptures will be in the heritage shop on Clyde Street. A Student Sculpture Walk has been added to the event this year. The winning sculpture will be displayed as part of Bateamans Bay Sculpture Walk, which will run from the centre of town to Batemans Bay Marina. The four previous winning sculptures that have been installed now light up at night: Pelicant at the marina, Dance on the foreshore between the Marina and the CBD, Bouyansea on the foreshore between the Marina and CBD, and Portal in the CBD.

Remember if you need any assistance with your boating needs, please contact Batemans Bay Marina on 02 4472 9853 or [email protected] and stay connected with us on Facebook @batemansbay.marina and Instagram @batemansbay_marina.


Port Macquarie Marina

Last month we played host to Marina Street Food Markets—an opportunity for the local community to get together and enjoy a great selection of food from local restaurants, and also to showcase our marina as a vibrant community hub. After a bit of rain on Friday night, the next day was superb and drew good crowds. We look forward to making it bigger and better next year. The event was waste-wise and plastic-free, with waste composted and cans collected by the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie West and recycled. PortNews put together a great write up as well as more than 20 photos from the event. To view the story and the pics (and maybe find yourself in one of them) click here.

We’re excited about our new seabins. The first one installed on A-Arm made us the first site in regional New South Wales to get one. We now have a second one at D-Arm. This Aussie innovation really does a fantastic job of keeping the marina clean and helping us maintain our commitment of being good stewards of the waterways. Thanks to Coastal Warriors Mid North Coast for arranging the funding. Find out more about seabins at the Seabin Project. You can also read more about the problem of plastics at sea in this Marine Business article about the Tara Ocean Foundation.

Stay connected with us on Facebook @portmacquarie.marina and Instagram @portmacquarie_marina. If you need to get in touch, call 02 6583 1940 or email [email protected]


Reminders about Marina rules

A reminder to everyone that living on board your vessel while berthed at the Marina is not permitted. In addition, if you wish to vacate your berth you must give one month’s notice to the Marina Manager. For a refresher on the rules click here for Batemans Bay Marina Operating Rules 2019 and click here for Port Macquarie Marina Operating Rules 2019.


Cold water safety

Cold water is a significant contributing factor in fatal and serious injuries in boating, with the risk of incident continuing up to the end of spring. As water temperatures drop, the Centre for Maritime Safety reminds us to stay safe. The Maritime Safety Plan aims to reduce cold water fatalities and education is key. Remember to wear a life jacket, check the water temperature as well as the weather forecast, dress for the conditions and always let someone know where you’re going and what time you plan to return. Read more about cold water and safety tips here.


Sydney International Boat Show 2019

In just over a month, you’ll have the chance to attend the Sydney International Boat Show — the Southern Hemisphere’s premier boat show. This is where boaties go to get the latest information about recreational boating. Head to the outdoor Event Deck on the top exhibition level where two giant pools host on-water demonstrations of marine products. Be inspired by the latest in boat design and learn more about diving at the Australia International Dive Expo, which joins the boat show for the third year running. The Sydney International Boat show is not one to be missed! It will run 1-5 August at the International Convention Centre in Sydney and Darling Harbour’s Cockle Bay Marina.


A new way for your boat to help pay for itself

Move over Airbnb, boat owners have their own platforms to maximise use of their boat and get a handsome return. Bedsonboard, Flotespace and Boatsetter are all online platforms that connect boat owners with those looking to spend time out on the water. This is a great way for boaties to share their love of the sea and build our boat-loving community, and is now gaining momentum. Visit their websites to find out more: www.bedsonboard.com; www.flotespace.com; www.boatsetter.com


NauticStar Boats USA secures first dealer in Australia

NauticStar has announced its first dealer, Marine Partners, as its authorised dealership in Australia. Based at the Rozelle Superyacht Marina in Rozelle, Sydney, Marine Partners is ideally located to optimise expansion for the company in the region. NauticStar is a leading supplier of saltwater fish boats in the US and sees its Center Console and Legacy Series boats as the greatest opportunity for growth in Australia. Read more in this Marine Business article.


Working towards sustainable oceans

The World Ocean Council (WOC) has released its latest report following its Sustainable Ocean Summit in 2018. The WOC is a unique global blue economy business organisation that brings together the ocean business and investment community to work on corporate ocean responsibility. The find out more about this initiative, read the SOS 2018 Report Executive Summary and highlights.


Eurobodalla Shire Council has announced a huge increase in visitors to the region. The latest
report shows visitors increased from 1.26 million in 2017 to 1.55 million in 2018. Council has several strategies either adopted or in the pipeline to boost tourism and the economy, including attracting cruise ships, more of which are destined for Batemans Bay later this year and early in 2020. Read more


Port Macquarie-Hastings Council is calling for applications from sportspeople aged between 13 and 21 years for their annual $4,000 scholarship to support an athlete at a state or national level. If you know of a budding sailor or other water sports enthusiast, let them know about it! Read more


DANIEL O’BRIEN (AKA FORREST), Slipway Manager at King Bros Marine, was meant to be a footballer (he comes from a family of footballers) but an accident as a child led him to the ocean.

“I had bad headaches for four years after a car accident. When I was 11 a chiropractor found I had fractured my neck in several places, and the bones had fused back together incorrectly. I had to avoid all contact sports and was told to start swimming for rehabilitation.”

“I didn’t find laps very interesting so I joined the Batemans Bay Surf Life Saving Club, and straight away felt like the ocean was where I was meant to be.

The Innes family, well known locally for their involvement in the club, took Dan under their wing. He went out fishing with them and by the time he was 14, he filled in as their deck hand when their other decky couldn’t make it.

“I idolised the Innes family, they are long-term watermen and very experienced. I wanted to learn as much as I could from them, so any chance I got, I would ask if I could go fishing with them, and in the end I was also going out to sea.”

He got his Captain’s Ticket (Master 5) at the age of 19 and a Master 4 by 25. He also skippered fishing trawlers, and his qualifications in both passenger and cargo took him around Australia and to Europe.

“I was one of the youngest skippers in Australia, but I worked hard and earned a good reputation. All the work I did was through word of mouth, I would finish one job and move onto the next,” he said.

“For four years I worked on boats across the Mediterranean during the European Summer, and then back in Australia for ours. If I was ever short of work, I’d help out with the family business.”

The O’Brien family has a houseboat hire business, Bay River Houseboats, as well as fishing boat hire, and jet ski hire and wakeboarding lessons on Corrigan’s beach.

After about 15 years of travelling the world with his captain/skipper hat, Dan decided to put down anchor back home. Dan and his fiancée Emma welcomed their daughter Alyssa two-and-a-half years ago.

““I get the best of both worlds now. I live close to home, I get to be with boats all day, I still get to use my qualifications with the mooring service and salvage operations we provide, and I get to see the smiles on the faces of our customers,” he said.

“I have a real affection for boats and I think people appreciate that.”

Needless to say, Dan is a real asset to Batemans Bay Marina.

For bookings with King Bros Marine call 0415 538 525 or email [email protected]


SCOTT MESITI moved to Port Macquarie from Sydney 11 years ago for an event he was working on, and loved it so much he never went back.

Starting out in bands and putting on gigs, he then moved onto creating, planning and managing music festivals and concerts.

Scott is now the Director of MJR Presents, which is the Australian arm of UK-based company The MJR Group. In the past five years they have toured acts such as Hans Zimmer, 50 Cent, UB40, Sia and many more.

“Event management is actually a lot of hard work. There are lots of compliance issues and the risk of bad weather, which leads to pressure,” said Scott.

“But it also gives me a real buzz, creating memorable experiences for people, bringing people together to have a great time.”

“With each tour you never know what you’re going to get. Some artists are very hands-on and you spend a lot of time with them and then others you never get to meet.”

“50 Cent was a real surprise, I still talk to his manager weekly and have struck up a great friendship, which I never really saw coming.”

When the company began renting an office upstairs at Port Macquarie Marina in February this year, Scott saw the opportunity on-site for an event, which resulted in the recently held Marina Street Food Markets.

“I looked out the window and saw all the potential. The marina is a great diverse space,” he said.

“People love being connected with the water, and through the Marina Street Food Markets we were able to showcase the on-water experience, by bringing people to the boats.”

“It’s not something everyone gets a chance to see, so to hold an event at the Marina was an excellent opportunity for everyone.”

Marina Street Food Markets comprised 10 food stalls that prepared top quality food from burgers, seafood, smoked meat and desserts. There was a licensed bar for the adults, and meals were served in small and cheaper portions to allow people to try lots of different things.

“There was an incredible response from the community, and we’re very interested in doing it again next year.”

If you’d like to get in touch with MJR Presents please email [email protected]


Batemans Bay

19-20 July 2019 
Batemans Bay Orchid & Foliage Society Winter Show for a large and beautiful display of a huge range of orchids in flower. Orchids also available for sale.

5-10 August 2019
Lower South Coast Veterans Week of Golf for a fabulous five-day tournament, with a range of events.

24 August – 1 September 2019
Sculpture for Clyde world-class sculpture event in Batemans Bay.

Port Macquarie

24 June 2019 – 7 July 2019
Saltwater Freshwater Aboriginal Art Prize 2019 is a touring exhibition showcasing Aboriginal artists living in the saltwater-freshwater region.

21 July 2019
Beef in the Vines is an annual event where 12 barbecue teams from Port Macquarie and Queensland will compete in a cook-off. Live music and a great place to enjoy
the outdoors, plus market stalls with mouth-watering food and local beer and wine.

10 August 2019
A Gala Night at the Ballet is a showcase of classical and contemporary dance, featuring some of Australia’s best performers.

For more events visit www.eurobodalla.com.au/whats-on